Topics of interest for submission include any topics on Multimedia Systems and Signal Processing.

Multimedia And Communications

• MPEG Standards and related issues
• Digital Audio and Video Broadcasting
• Architecture and Protocols
• Interactive Multimedia: Games and Digital Television
• Mobile Multimedia (GSM, GPRS, RF, Wi-Fi,…)
• Multimedia Devices
• Multimedia Security and Cryptography
• Performance Measurement and Evaluation, QoS.


Multimedia Signal Processing

• Multidimensional Signal Processing
• Multimodal Signal Processing
• Biometrics and Pattern Recognition
• Education in Signal Processing
• Image and Video Processing, Compression and Segmentation
• Neural Networks, Spiking Systems, Genetic Algorithms and Fuzzy Logic
• Perceptual/Human Audiovisual System Modeling
• Sensors and Multimedia

Multimedia System And Applications

• Authentication and Watermarking
• Distributed Multimedia Systems
• Audio and Video Quality Assessment
• Multimedia Databases, Indexing, Recognition and Retrieval
• E-Learning, E-Commerce and E-Society Applications
• Human-Machine Interface
• Design and Implementation of Signal Processing Systems
• Multimedia Authoring, Editing and Sharing
• Semantic Analysis of Multimedia Data
• 3D Virtual Environments and Surveillance Applications
• Biomedical Applications
• Location Based Application